Give Honor to Whom Honor is Due

One of the two men that taught me everything I know about the title business has gone to be with Jesus today.  The call has just come in.  Bobby is gone. Bobby has been fighting cancer for the last three years or so.  It started in his knees and by the time it’s over, he’s had multiple surgeries, the removal of a lung, and unmentionable pain and suffering.  Lee, his wife, has been by his side through it all.  His dad is ninety-something years old and lived for his son. Lee and Bobby had no children. Bobby was a college graduate and a law school graduate. All of this by the time he was 40. And now, he’s achieved the greatest accomplishment of all – he is standing before Jesus!

I just don’t get it.  Bobby never hurt a flea… well, okay.. he didn’t like bugs, so he probably did hurt fleas, but you know what I mean.  He was always smiling, would take the time to teach you anything he knew, wanted to learn all he could about what you knew, laughing, teasing, just an all around wonderful man.

We talked several months ago, when he came home to “get his affairs in order” . I told him I wanted to ask him a question and before I could get it out, he said, “Don’t worry… I know Jesus, and I know that I am going home to be with Him.  Look at the bright side”, he said, “at least I won’t hurt anymore.”   I asked him what more could I do.  His reply was:  “You’ve already done enough.  You’ve been a true friend… just let me go when it’s time, and take care of my Dad the best you can, until he’s with me and mom”. (He buried his mom about a year ago).  I still don’t think I did enough, but Bobby is one not to argue with, so I let it drop.

Well, Bobby, the time has come to let you go. At least your not hurting anymore, and you deserve that.  When they put you in Hospice last Thursday, I asked God to take you quick and it’s been less than a week. On the upside of this whole thing, I figure your probably in Heaven right now, pulling maps, and abstracts, and trying to figure out the soveigntry, but I think it will take you awhile because God’s been around a looooooooooooooong time.  I will do my best where your dad is concerned, but you know he is stubborn.  Try not to turn Heaven upside-down before I can get there.

You changed my life, Bobby Case.  You took a chance and taught me this industry and I am where I am today, because of you and your family.  You will be missed.  But you will not be forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Give Honor to Whom Honor is Due”

  1. He has left his impression on this world within people like you. Our little circle has seen it’s share of grief and heartache, but knowing that the people we care for are always with us. In the things they have taught us, in the things they have shown us.. even in our upbringing and our values. They are forever etched in our lives and our hearts. We can pass those great people from the past to those that we get to teach. And they will do the same. Never knowing Bobby personaly, i feel i already know a part of him.. in what i’ve seen in you and the way you have always spoken of him. He will be missed.

  2. Even though I did not know him but heard of him and saw his dad when he was mayor, I did pray for him and he is in a better place with Jesus awaiting all our arrival soooooonnnnnnnn…..

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