going on…

What’s been going on the life of john? Last week just before i was heading out for the thanksgiving break, quite literally, i saw a package up front. It was the Audemat FMB80. I had been waiting for several years to get one of these and it finally arrived. And of course, i just had to go install it right then and their. So off i went to the KBFM transmitter and plugged this puppy in. it does so much more than the old inovonics 711 we had in their. If you have an RDS on your fm reciever, you can tune in KBFM and see the difference.
I also began working on a problem here at work. Well.. i don’t know about a problem, but a new project. I have a screen here where i can watch the call logs coming in and out of the station. I started monitoring the logs to trace traffic. what was being used, where, and how often. Mostly to help me size up the system and help me find what to get rid of and what to keep. Well after all those cost saving things have been implemented now i just watch to make sure no errors come up or any strange calls.
Well. After all this time i can look at them at a glance and i can recognize normal activity and ab-normal activity. This was strange.. 20 minute calls into one of the stations request lines. Which meant the person who called, called on the toll-free number.. meaning we were picking up the tab on that. and not just one call but several long calls. So began my quest for setting up a routing table to test the caller-id information and treat the call based on that. I think i got that problem nipped in the bud. I’ve taken it a step further and wanted to setup some pre-recorded announcements. But i wanted them to sound like the official “if you want to make a call.. please hang up and dial again” (why else would i have picked up the phone?) So i started looking around for some recordings and found this one i think i may have to employ during april fools on one of the station numbers.