Goodbye Google Reader

Google announced Thursday that it would discontinue Google Reader from it’s line up of products.  About once a year they do a clean up of projects that are unpopular to focus on other projects.  Sadly Reader became considered unpopular.  I have a lot of time vested into reader and it’s my primary way of keeping to to date with all the websites i like to frequent.  Instead of visiting all the sites, cheezeburgers, tumblrs and news sites individually and try and remember where i left off, i just rss them all into Reader.  There i could see what’s new, star items i liked and forward those i want to share.  So what am i sopoused to do now?  I’ve been trying a few different rss clients but so far, Feedly seams to be the current contender for a replacement.  They’ve added servers capacity and bandwidth to handle the influx of those looking for a lifeboat from reader.  There is still time between now and July 1.. but don’t’ wait until your rss subscriptions are gone.