Goodbye KVNS Newstalk 1700

I never though that that one cable i switched would have caused such an uproar.  I don’t think anyone at the station did.

My instructions were really simple, swap the audio from the ACU on ASERVE3 to the Brownsville STL repeater.  I came in on my vacation, moved the cable and went home just a quick as came.  I came back from vacation to find that Jay the program director had been bombarded by over 200 calls (before his voicemail filled up and woudlnt accept any more (866-973-1041 x 143) And billy has been forwarding me emails from listeners who have voiced there feelings.  These letters are considered part of the station’s public file record and have to be kept for public viewing for at least 3 years.  Come check them out if your interested.  Here is just a random sample of the quickest email i can find to show you guys.

Dear Mr Santiago:

I guess you are the big Guru to write to about KVNS radio station 1700 AM.

Whatever were you thinking? I am 66 and from Chicago Illinois.

Been here four years and have a 2 station choice for intelligent mind stimulating radio listening. Bought a Bose radio for a good

sounding presentation. Enjoyed the conversation from Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and some of the Rush Limbaugh shows.

These gave me a small variation of WGN radio from Chicago.

I cannot believe you thought these Winter Texans actually came down here to listen to Mexican or Spanish music. We did not. I do not purchase many CD’s (but probably will) and the music is not the focus here, it’s the companionship and conversation that was entertaining. I would pull out my recipe book and turn on the radio.

Together “we” created many meals. In the lonesome hours when I was alone, I was NOT alone. They were there to tell me something interesting.

Please reconsider your foolish move. There are many of us older Anglos that need to “:touch” home thru these guys.

The economy brought us but the ethnic culture shock will drive us away.

All we can do now is sit and scratch our heads thinking, ok where were all these people in the years prior.  Personaly i loved the station, even though it was the hardest to keep up with.  Techncialiy there was SO MUCH that goes into a newstalk station.  But it was fun.  I remember the early mornings at Tim Smith’s house making sure his show worked, i remember the football games, i remember spreading wiring maps and satelite charts all over the desk trying to figure out problems.  If only all these people would have gotten an Aribitron ratings book and expressed there passion THEN when it could have made a difference.  It’s sad really.  I will miss Glenn and oriely and savage, even the wierdo’s on coast to coast.  Dr laura, not so much.


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