Got back in town this afternoon, now i’m doing sou

Got back in town this afternoon, now i’m doing sound at the Jeff Fenholt concert. I can say, he’s really mellowed out. Not a rocker anymore. This new album he is singing is all worship music and very, how can i say.. very Hosanna type music. Oh well, it’s a nice way to chill out at the end of a long weekend at least. whoa, just about screwed up in that one.. but i fixed it.. no one noticed. You know your doing a good sound job when no one notices what you do. Just three more tracks and then we’ll all be over.

Oh yeah, i never finished my story from last week. Well, i went to saturn to get my oil changed. I was walking around the show room and they had Saturn VUE on display. I was looking around it and for a long while i’d been thinking in the back of my head that i’d like a SUV. I got to drive Lori’s a few times, i really liked it. Being up high, having room for your legs and everyone elses. My sister also has one that she loves. She claimed it saved her life when she had that accident. The few times i’ve had accidents my car is always the victium. So I talked to the sales rep, mostly cause i was bored and wanted some entertianment. We looked around, i picked out a color and some specs i lwas looking for. At first i was eyeing a black V6 and i even got to test drive it. I loved the way it drove. But when i started to think seriously about it. “what is it i’d really like in a car” so i looked at a few more. I found a silver one, same as my old car. This one had leather seats. It even had on-star and all wheel drive. It was also a V6. So this became my new car.