Last night Patti, Hannah and I got to go see Gretchen Wilson. It was an awesome show. It ran a little late but it was still fun. Made for a long day. About noon i got word about a new club that needed to get setup for a broadcast that evening. (and they are just telling me about this the afternoon the day of) so i run out there and the club still has construction going on. Litterly the booth isnt’ even setup. so we find the isdn, do a test call but they don’t have a working wireless internet. So had no way to setup the station with the clubs info, so i leave the guys there waiting and i run around town looking for an open wap somewhere. I end up at burger king, bought a frozen coke and sat down and set them up. then i rushed over to the dodge arena and got that setup for the broadcast. We were on tmobile but the connection in there was really bad. hard doing wireless in a tin can. so i ran to my car to get a cable to wire up to a phone line. as i’m walking past the ticket booth i see a GFI outlet cover with the label ISDN on it. “Can i really do an ISDN shot from here? what would be awesome!” and i just happen to have a zepher in my car from the setup at the club earlier today. so i got the cable which just happen to be long enough to reach from the booth to where we were setup. got it all gaffed down and plugged it in (i also asked the tech at the arena if the line was up. he said yea. i asked what the spids where, he looked like deer at a new gate) ok.. never mind then. so i plugged it in “Inactive” my display said…. darn.. oh well. it was fun while it lasted. They said they would have an isdn for us next time. They’ve been saying that since oh.. i dunno.. ALAN JACKSON.