Growl Power

Last night Patti, Hannah and I went to see the Cheetah Girls perform.  As we were walking up to the arena, i couldn’t help but notice all the kids that were there.  I mean tons of them.. all over the place.  It was like being in junior high all over again.  I mean, i never really minded school all that much, just all the darn kids all over the place.  So anyway, we get there and didn’t have to wait very long for the first act.  I wasn’t to impressed with them, or there setup.  I know, i get a kick out of the stage configuration but that’s just me.  They played ok.  they sounded like a bunch of teenage girls actually.  But after them, then came the main act.  I actually enjoyed them.  I only knew like two of there songs, (yes i’m admitting i knew two of the cheetah girl’s songs)  Patti and Hannah enjoyed it too.  now i’m going to have those songs stuck in my head for a while.  120106A1

you know, as long as i’ve worked here, i’ve had the chance to see alot of acts that i normaly woudln’t even have given a 2nd thought of seeing.  Tracy Lawerence, brooks and dunn, gretchen wilson, rascal flats, trick pony, kiss, chinese acrobats, blue man, stomp and many more that i’m sure i’ve forgotten.  but it’s not just getting to see those shows that’s cool.  it’s getting to take someone with me to see them.  i don’t think i’ve ever gone to see a show alone.  even if it’s an act i’ve seen before, i love getting to watch those with me enjoy the show.  Like stomp.  I had seen them in New York, but then i got to take Patti, Tori and Hannah to see them at the Majestic in San Antonio.  And i got a bigger kick out of watching the girls and there amazment.  Anyway, i have a great time last night.  I’m glad they chose to take me.