How many years have we been celebrating birthdays with you anyway???? Too many to confess probably. Where does the time go? Gone are the nights of laying on blankets in the front yard just chilling and snackin… spur of the moment trips to San Antonio… then there is the “therapy swing” – the front porch swing that everyone seems to make their way to when life is not going too well – thank goodness that swing can’t talk, huh? Songs of life, love and misery – Megan’s Lullaby – what a blessing that song is to me, The Happy Song… endless days and nights on the Computer with endless conversations… watching Maya be born, survive and thrive and then the Maya Project…. The Video with No Name… We even got you in a John the Baptist costume once!

You, my friend, are a true blessing. One of the most “real” people I have ever known. You accept people and love unconditionally. You are truth in it’s truest form. I love you Aaron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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