HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I fell in love with you, I can actually divide my life into a “before” and “after”.  Before I met you, my life was okay…. doing my job, raising my kids, enjoying my friends, drama at the church, etc. But after I met you, my life was totally changed. I had no idea anyone could have such an impact on my routine, on my thoughts, on my feelings.  Now, nothing is fun if you are not with me.  Now, I spend the whole day thinking of when I will hear your voice next, or see your awesome smile, or get the next text message from you. You are the most wonderful person who has ever walked into my life.  I honor you on this day and hope that you have the best “anniversary of a birthday” that you have ever had! 

 I love you, Baby! 


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