Have you ever wanted to say “Ni” to an old lady?

Oh, what sad times are there when passing ruffians can say “Ni!” at will to old ladies! There is a pestilence in this land! Nothing is sacred! Even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress at this period in history! Or when people’s magnetic ribbons are not longer safe left on cars. Some fool stole my ribbon. And it was cool ribbon at that. So just to spite them i’m going to start stocking these things.

2 thoughts on “Have you ever wanted to say “Ni” to an old lady?”

  1. Sorry to hear that dude about your ribbon, its the people of today that saddens me about that. But you gotta keep movin on..just try to make the best of your day and smile…because someone will eventually smile back…Hope you have a better day tomorrow…

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