Friday June 12 came, and past.

I remember growing up at the ranch, the only TV stations available were the ones off the air.  Ch 4, ch 5, and 23 were the favorites.  44 and 60 if you were really bored.  As of yesterday afternoon, those analog signals were no more.  Ch 60 (KMBH) went dark back on  the original february citing complaints about not budgeting for dual operation and electrical cost.  Ch 23, KVEO went dark Friday morning, and KRGV and KGBT swapped  their analog signals to a loop telling viewers that they missed out and how to convert. Flipping through the analog dial though, you  can still see many Mexican signals though.  They may straggle, or possibly never convert.  Depends on who the FCC has sold the old frequencies to.

Here is another interesting date for you.  October 1, 1982.  That’s the date the first cd player went on sale.  The Sony CDP101.  The CDP101 went on sale for $1000 and compact disk sold for $16 to $18 twice the price of LP’s.  The New York Times wrote in March of 83

Some question where the audio-disc will succeed.  Even if prices come down – and the industry experts say it will – some analyst doubt whether consumers will be willing to sacrifice substantial investments in turntables and stacks of traditional recordings… The compact disk and player… is being likened in the music industry to Still, the CD’s effect on record makers, manufacturers of audio equipment, and most importantly the music-loving consumer will probably be more gradual than the two previous revolutions, according to analyst.