Hello World

It’s been an amazing past week. Well, it started off… um.. hectic. And kind of drug on. With all the changes going on at work and then elaine… lots of long nights. I don’t think i’ve been to bed before midnight for at least 8 days now. Thursday began another long night with Richest of Fare rolling in. But when friday night came and we had the first night of worship, it was like being recharged all over again. Saturday morning/afternoon was the worship conference. It turned out really well. I got to audit the media session (go figure) being lead by Bean. I really enjoyed getting to participate and meet other guys doing the same thing i’m doing in their own church. We ended up having such a good time we kicked out the 2nd session and just continued on with ours. (actually we just relocated the session that was going to take over the building)

Then that evening we had another night of worship. This one was even better than the 1st. Everyone got touched one way or another. Even the guys in my team ended up laid out on the floor. I ended up being the only one with a rolling camera.

Tonight is the last worship session and then life is going to resume back to normal. But hopefully, not. Not that i couldn’t use the rest but hopefully the fire will continue to burn with in those who got touched. Marc called it out last night. (note to self, insert podcast here, another not to self, actually create the podcast to load here) I have to hand it out to Gideon, Adam and Jeremiah. These three guys kept me sane. I couldn’t have done it without their help. Seriously. They were the strenght and brains behind everything that happened. They kept all the buildings going, they kept the band hydrated, they kept the cameras rolling, they made sure everything behind the scenes stayed behind the sceens. They are great. I love these guys. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.