Hello World

Ok, so i’ve been on an unofficial leave of absence for a while.  I’m already sick and tired of borderfest and it hasn’t even started yet.  They have some good ideas, but their execution leaves allot to be called for.  And that’s because i’ve only had to deal with one of the ladies out their.  I feel sorry for Irene and Billy who have been talking with these people much longer than i have. 

what else has been going on, well St Jude’s radiothon is today and yesterday.  After 6 years of doing these, it’s gotten really easy.  Of course it helped to find out that two of the jacks i’ve been using have deal pairs on 4&5, oh well.. a project for next week. 

Also setup a system called star fetch.  when ever one of the ladies here would get an order from one of our networks, she would get about 20 a week that would take several hours of her day to fill out.  well.. the network would send the orders too but apparently the ladies here never knew that so they were entering in all that stuff.  Today i setup our system so the order are automatically entered and all they have to do is approve each one and vola. 

what else have i done this week… ah.. the church website got a facelift.  and alot of backend updates too.  i was afraid it was going to break the podcast software but it still seams to work somehow.  i’m going to tweak the css and images a bit but it’s mostly done. 

oh and Ellie updated her site too.  Check out the Galleries…

Monday i was doing sound at church for a thing going on for ECISD.  Apprently they are required to put their paraprofessionals through so many hours of training each year.  well.. the morning was boring.  just school stuff.  but the rest of the day was.. um.. different.  the 1st part was a circus act and the 2nd part was a comedian/magician.  oh well.. as long as it was on the school’s tab.

Rodger Irish showed up last night.  well not literally, but in my email box.  It was kind of bizzare because i was thinking of him last night as i was driving to the ATM drive thru.  He drove through the ATM backwards once.  Talk about living dangeriously.