helps if you plug it in

this morning i got a call from Marilda, an old friend.  She noticed she couldn’t hear KTEX on her car radio and thought about me.  Odd, i thought.. but didn’t think to tune it in to verify.  I was getting ready to take a shower and then Mr. meek called that KTEX and KBFM were both silent.  Transmitters were on but only silence on the air.  Hum.. i didn’t get a call from the slience sensor so the computers must be running. 

I checked my email and found 4 or 5 alarms sent.  odd.  that many systems can’t be off at the same time.  must be instrumentation. 

So i start heading to the office, mr meek called from the transmitter, no signal was being sent to the tower and the antenna didn’t appear to be obstructed or moved or gone for that mater.  then i get a call from a sales rep saying he couldn’t print.  All of a sudden things start clicking in to place in my head, starguides reported off… file server #1 reported off, XDS receiver reported off, and STLs off too?  Were all those alarm i disregarded actually real alarms?  one quick way to check, i tuned into 1700 to see if ABC was coming in, silence.  But why didn’t i get an alarm call?  a week ago i moved the power source for the alarm system over to a battery backup for surge protection. 

The only consistency about all these faults were that one UPS.  Mr meek’s on the phone again, i knew what his next report would be “The entire rack is powered off” about that time i’m walking in the door, sure enough the last two racks were dark.  walked around the back of the rack, took the power going out of the ups (which was off too) and plugged it directly into the wall, the lighting dimmed quickly as about 1500Kva suddenly began being pulled all at once and in the background i heard KBFM began playing from the control room. 

Kind of reminded me of the airplane movie where the guy plugged the power cord back in and and everything began working again.  Now to spend about $1800 on a new UPS…