Hitman – you vent whenever you want to. – that’s w

Hitman – you vent whenever you want to. – that’s what we are here for.? I have the same type of a situation where I work.? I keep getting nailed for my “attitude”.? What it comes down to, is that I am usually so engrossed in what I am doing, that I tune out those around me that are not doing anything and I, somehow then get into to trouble.? Explain?THAT to me, please.? I’m doing my job… I don’t socialize with those that are not doing theirs… yet, I’m the one that is getting into trouble.? I don’t get it.? It’s very frustrating.? I just assumed it was because I was the white girl and the race card was being played. Turns out – I think- its because Im the easiest target.? They feel guilty because they know they are not performing at what they could be doing, and jealousy sets in.? Then the turmoil starts.? Same thing where you are.? Jealousy has set in because you do your job, and you do it well.? Ratings prove that.? Others cannot keep up with you.? Therefore, its easier to be in chaos for them.? If they keep everyone in turmoil,?then the attention is off their inadequacies.? I’m rambling again, so I’m shutting up now.?