4047from san isidro?  not a chance.  it’s wierd to run into people who’ve lived in the city their entire life, and want nothing more than to retire somewhere out in the ranch.  i can see the things they admire about it.  the solitude is amazing.  but that’s about it.  the people out there are so bored that most of them have a past time of finding out what everyone else is doing and letting everyone one else know.  you know the song, “i want to go where everyone knows your name”  yeah, well.. that’s not always all it’s cracked up to be.  I think that’s one of the things that i love the most about living in civilization.  you can walk into a store or something and not have to worry about how you look or what your wearing.. cause no body knows you .. and no one cares.  out there, they make a big deal out of nothing.  sometimes you just feel like saying to them, get a life. 

if anyone from out there is reading this they are probably wondering, what someone must have done.  actually nothing.  i haven’t been out there in a while so i haven’t had to put up with that culture in a while.  I was talking with Juan Ramierez yesterday.  he was out there for the golf tournament  and we got to talk for a while.  He asked if i had been to the ranch and the more i thought of it, i realized that it’s been a while.  I love getting to go see my parents and the rest of my family that’s out there.e  well. i guess there is some family that i could probably be just a fine not seeing, but we don’t go out there to visit them.  They did get invited to the wedding though, and they came too.  and that’s fine.  i mean Patti and I thought about not inviting some of them.. but we weren’t going to stoop down to there level so we invited them.  Didn’t expect them to come.  but what do you know.. some of them came.  oh well.. hopefully they were able to get some of the message from the ceremony.  I got to see Olga Soto last week and she was talking about the ceremony and about the people that showed up.  it was kind of a reminder for me.  i mean even thought it was 5 months ago, it seams like it’s been longer.  So i got back on the photo gallery and added more pictures from the wedding.  still have to tag them and fix them up a bit… but i’ll get that done later tonight.

what was the point of all that.. i forget.