Homestar Podcast!

I was just sitting here minding my own bussiness when i noticed that homestar runner has podcast on his website! With most of my favorites on there.. Such as “Sisters” Everyone has a podcast. I even have podcast setup on 104’s website. You can listen to war of the roses and “the call” I went to the mailbox today. Patti sent me the coolest suprise. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been stuck at a remote location trying to fix some electronic component and can’t find something to set dip switches with. or trying to take the cover off a pc with torx screws on it.. Or stuck in an elevator some where and decided to clean my fingernails. Or just saw through the doors. Thank you Patti! I love you.

The CyberTool 41 Features:
Large Blade
Small Blade
Bit Wrench
Bit Case
5mm Hex Socket
4mm Hex Socket
#8 Torx Bit
#10 Torx Bit
#15 Torx Bit
#2 Phillips Head Bit
4mm Hex Bit
4mm Flat Head
#0 Pozidrive Bit
#1 Pozidrive Bit
Ball Point Pen
DIP Switch Setter (use pen)
Can Opener
3mm Small Screwdriver
Bottle Opener
6mm Large Screwdriver
Wire Stripper
Sewing Eye
Mini Screwdriver
Straight Pin
Key Ring
Wire Cutter
Wire Crimper
Metal Saw and
Nail File and
Wood saw
Fine screwdriver
Wood Chisel