I am so frustrated…Al went to Larry today compla

I am so frustrated…Al went to Larry today complaining about the music…again..complaining about why are we playing Beck more than Robert Plant…He is gonna hit the roof soon when he finds out Larry want us to start playing Bowling for Soup. I try everything to make the station sound great and kicking ass, and yet he still bitches…I know I should just wipe my hands of it, but I just can’t let something just fall apart…When I went to Larry to let him know about putting in Bowling for Soup, I asked “Anything Else?” and he said well, we need to make sure that the following shifts sounds like this…certain percent of classic certain percent of Mainstream..certain percent Active..which is what I have been doing anyway!! So I don’t know what he is listening to…Alex told me today they hired Chris Kelly..I told him keep him on KVLY I dont want him on the Rock….he said no problem….I need a vacation….future staff at Hot Kiss???? hmmmm….