I bought a bed

Patti, Hannah and I went to lacks yesterday to try and pick out a new bed.  I’ve had mine for about 8 years.  It was the very first major purchase i made after moving out of the ranch.  Of course the monthly payments on my new bed are equilvant to what my first bed cost in it’s entieriety.  But it’s an awesome bed.  It was the first one the sales woman showed me and after that all the other beds felt like a bed of nails. (well. not quiet but you get the idea)  it arives friday.  so i should resurface some time the following week.

It’s funny.  I just finished paying off Amy’s couches and now i have another payment from the furnature store.  I figure though that all i need left are maybe some night stands, and a bed for Hannah and i’m done furnature shopping. Forever.