I feel so exhausted yet so acomplished

We’ve been working on getting these dishes sighted for some new shows… hold up upon hold ups kept comming up.  Missing parts, wrong parts sent, etc etc.. So finally this morning we got all the parts in and we ventured up on the roof to get the dish pointed to the right satelite up in the sky.  It was super hot today and even though we weren’t up there but a few hours yet it felt like the sun sucked of my very will to live.  After all that work we still didn’t have the dish pointing right.  imagine trying to focus a laster pointer on one star in the sky.. in the middle of the heat of the day.  We took a break.. around 3 we tried again.. this time with patience adrian and i sat down with water bottles, umbrella’s and the time to move centemeter by centimeter .. sweeping the sky in one direction.. raising a half turn.. then slowly sweeping the other direction.. my meter kepts hitting birds out there.. but none were the one i was looking for.. so i was chatting with adrian as we’re doing this… no actually i think someone from san antonio called… and as i was on the phone with them.. i was moving the dish and the normal . beep…. beep.. beep.. changed to a burp…and my display showed the majic word “FOUND” 

It just took slow and small movements but it finally came in.  funny how life is like that sometimes.  We rush and rush to get things done.. sometimes the only way to actually get something done right is just to stop, give your mind a rest.. and then take small motions to get your problem fixed.