I had a bad day…

Today on my way to work, I started thinking about all the stuff that has been happening in my life, I know shouldn’t..but I did..I started thinking about the old times, my old friends, the way things used to be..I even heard one of my old friends on the air who was doing a remote just blocks away from work…but I said no, they are busy..and happy and I don’t need to bother them right now…it was a rough day…but I got through it…I told someone today, I miss the old times, and they said I would have times likes these every once in a while but things will get better…friends will always be there…and just make things better for yourself…and I think I am …I just miss the old days…I miss you guys..sorry for being a bother..but I had to write this to get this out of my head…sorry….

2 thoughts on “I had a bad day…”

  1. I sit and wonder.. how life could be different at times. Sometimes i even let myself dwell in that stuff.. but it’s no good. I figure we got our selves in the situations we are in now for a reason and all i can do is make the best of the situation i have. God put us in this place.. and i’m sure He did it for a reason. Now if i could just figure that out….

  2. I know what you mean, we are always in situations that god puts us into..and for that I know I was sent to help the “q” because they needed help…like Tony is at Digital because they needed help, and Amanda is at Hot Kiss because they needed help…we can’t be all at one station..when our needs need to be with others..and for that I am thankful for Tonys, Amandas and my talent…I just hope one day, we can all come back together talk about our experiences and memories and just laugh…God Bless everyone that I’ve known…and one day we will all be recognized for the talents that we were blessed with….

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