i have the greatest wife in the world

Wednesday was my birthday and it came and went.  it wasn’t bad.  we had a lot going on what with ivan and everything.  usually we celebrate "birthday weekend" later in the month or in a different month all together.  and i didn’t really want to make a big deal about turning *explicit deleted* so i thought the less hoop-la the better.  yesterday i got out of work early so i went to church and worked on the ivan disks.  i came home and there was a great spaghetti and meatball meal made.  i sat down with ozzie and enjoyed this great dinner.  it was really good.  the only thing missing was everyone else.  the house was deserted.  so ozzie and i had dinner. 

later that evening everyone shows up rumbles around in the backyard with something and then come in and greets me.  Come to find out they waited to eat for me to get home.  How awesome is that.  So Randy, Patti, Tori, Megan and Germ all sat down and had dinner and i got to sit and watch.  Afterwards, they said there was something for me in the dining room.  and sure enough, i went inside… and didn’t see anything

yeah, i was obviously confused. i looked around the corner, nothing, then Patti said it was all the way in the back.  so i went over and there was a big box with a bow.  i picked it up (a bit heavy) and brought it back to the table. 

i started to unwrap it.  as it began to unwrap someone said "dude it’s a Dell" but then someone else said "but boxes can be deceiving" and knowing patti, nothing could be closer to the truth.  she has this art form where she can wrap something in the most obscure way to throw you way off of what you think it could be.  i don’t know how she does it.. but she does.  so i’m still unwrapping and i’m looking closer at the box, the security tamper tape on the box is still in tact.  "wow, she even got replacement security tape to put over the box" i was thinking to myself.  so then randy handed me a knife.  i began to open the box and it was getting clearer that either patti outdid herself wrapping or she outdid herself with a really awesome present.  the deeper i went into the box, the more confused i found myself.  dell.. what could i be getting from dell.   a handheld pc? or dell mp3 player?  box way to big.  another monitor? box to small for that or a desktop.. could it be.. a laptop?  i have a laptop.  well.. sorta.  it’s about 8 years old and been to the service dept 6 times.  the lid has to be propped up and the dns only resolves when the pcmcia card is warmed up because there is no built in wireless and the usb is only 1.0 but it does the job.  oh and the c, q, an control keys sometimes quit working but i have two replacement keyboards to replace it with…

A new laptop would be great, and I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while now.. but probably one of the last things i would do for myself.  still i’m digging into the box and pull out a laptop.  A Dell Inspiron 1720.  Duo core, 5 usb slots, firewire slot, dvd writter, bluetooth, AND a full keyboard with 10key pad.  17" wide gloss lcd.  2 gigs of ram and built in wireless

i can’t believe they did this.  she always gives the most awesome presents.  Like my rocking chair that i really liked, the huge monitor on my desk, and now this. 

there could be no doubt in my mind the amount of love that she and the whole family have for me.  not just because of what they do for me.. but because of the way they understand me and what would make me happy, even when i can’t think of these things, they seam to be able to.  i love them all so much. 

Thank you Patti.  I love you further than the moon.

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  1. You deserve it baby. You give of yourself endlessley without asking anything in return; you provide for us; you pray for us, with us and over us; and you love us, all, unconditally. You deserve the best because you ARE the best, and we love you. Gone are the days of “getting by” and “this will do for now”. We are heirs of the Kingdom of the most awesome God and He desires to bless you. We just helped him out a little… so enjoy! I love you to the moon and back!

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