I knew it would happen some day..

I always new it would only be a matter of time before solicitors caught on to the text message crave. I remember back in 01 when i first started text messaging. It was still raw and primitive in it’s infant stages. Now people text more than they talk. Well.. my phone went off with the usualy prompt “New Message” i looked to my screen hoping it was my girlfriend with a cheerfull note to brighten my day but instead.. here’s what it said:

Destined for something big? Do it in the navy. Get a career. A degree. Serve a great cause. For a FREE navy video call 1-800-621-8957.

It came from 413-652-0569

What is the world comming to when your being hit from every where with a chance to sell you something? I mean.. even the movies, you spend 8 dollars just to get in.. another 10 for food. and then watch 10 minutes of commericals before you get to see what you came in for. HBO was such a big hit because there were no commercials.. a few promo’s between movies but you paid a premium to see a movie. I would think the same should go into effect with the cinema. or with your cell phone.. or with your email for pete’s sake.