This coming from a man who yesterday, gave up the first time in two and a half weeks to rest, to drive out to the middle of Egypt, in the freezing cold rain and wind to help Lori, who had car problems and had run out of gas?

This coming from a man who stayed up and did Jason’s laundry in the middle of the night, because the kid had been traveling for weeks and had not had time to find a laundromat, even though you had worked all day, set up at the Church all evening, and would still have to be at work the next morning?

This coming from a man who gave up two afternoons in a row Thursday and Friday, again in the weather, to help someone else with a project that would help spread the real meaning of Christmas to those who might otherwise have not been reached out to?

This coming from a man whose constituants over-whelmingly, demanded that a new award category be made, just for him, because they could not vote him in as Employee of the Year for the second year in a row?

This coming from the man that was up at 5:00am, once again, to unload a semi-truck so food could be gotten to the needy?

This coming from a man who would go without, just so someone else would be blessed?

No, Sir. I just merely follow your example.

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