I remember when Jonny and Melissa first went up

I remember when Jonny and Melissa first went up and told everyone about Maya.
Melissa was still pregnant. I think that was the first time i ever heard johnny
talk in public. I remember going with them once to the doctor in corpus, i
remember being in corpus when she was born. Remington was in the hospital at the
same time Maya was. Now here we are, almost 2 and half years latter and she’s
still around. The doctors didn’t think she’d be born, they didn’t think she’d
cry, or live much past a few days,
and look at
her now. Recently there has seam to be an influx of activity on her
recovery, or healing actually. Dick Mills had something to say, James had something to say, Marshall even has something. Vanessa had something, people are having dreams about this, there are visions going around. Something is being stirred up and now it’s just a wait and see what’s next type of thing.