I saw Terminal again last night. Between that and

I saw Terminal again last night. Between that and Oceans 12, those had to have been the BEST movies i’ve seen all year. Well, The incredibles was good too, but still. I really liked these two movies and they get a john’s thumbs up. Went to visit Rachel’s church this morning. That was really cool. I miss that kind of enviorment where everyone takes time to say hi, the service is consise and structured. I’d really like to get to go back. I think we’re actually hijacking the cell group and taking them over tonight. I just got home and had to repair the compressor on the airconditioner. Yesterday when i was week-whacking, i must have gotten to close to the relay cable. Oh well. It works now.

had a bit of a headache, so i watched “That thing you do” It’s about this small time band called the Wonders, they get a hit, they make it big, then the lead singer get’s an ego, quits, and you can guess the rest. Another really good movie. Now that i’ve had my fun for the weekend i better buckle down and work on this SC performance. Rehersal is tommrow and i haven’t even fully read Pricilla’s notes…

Hey John!

Ok, here’s what I have:

3rd song – More Than Just a Story
Before this song, show Baby Jesus scene with audio.
Title 4. Then song begins

4th song – He’s the Messiah
before song, Christmas story scene – play this scene with audio until it ends
with “came about”.
Turn off audio and keep playing DVD until the end of the angel and Mary scene.
Narrators will speak during no audio time.

8th Song – Follow the Star
before song, show Christmas story scene – begin after Mary and angel scene with
audio and continue through the end of shepherd scene, then song begins

9th song – We are Here to Worship you
before song, play Magi scene – Title 3. then begin song

10th song – He Came all This Way
before narration and song, play Zechariah’s song scene with audio. Title 5 Then
begin song.

That’s it! If you have any questions, please call me.

I appreciate you doing this for me. Thanks a bunch!
See you tomorrow at 6:30 p.m.!