i should be getting referral fees.

a few weeks ago, after admiring the kids nano’s and video ipods, and other do-hickeys, i started to consider getting my own.  But i didn’t want one just just play music.  I wanted one that would be functional.  so i started with my research.  i don’t know how people can impulse shop.  Just go out to a store, see something you like and get it.  I can’t.  I need to know what i’m looking for.  I need to know what the consumer reports are, the cost of ownership (ink cost, batteries, maintenance, hazardous waste disposal fees, etc) 

Some may say, "what about when you got your car?  you went for an oil change and you came home with a car"  well.. i had already been shopping for an SUV.  I just happen to find the right one while i was there.  and i didn’t come home with it… i came back the next day to get it. 

but anyway.  After looking at all of the mp3 players on the market, i finally gave in to my standing rule, no apple, no google.  and i came home with an itouch.  not only is this thing an mp3 player, but it has a built in wifi adapter letting you use apple’s safrai to browse, built in youtube browser, pop, imap, and webmail accessibility.  video playback, photo storage, and other cool things i haven’t played with yet. 

A few of the downsides are the need for itunes to sync, and the fact that i got the 8gig version.  I can use up gigs really quickly.  i just need to get out of the habbit of syncing my entire library.  i should probably clean up my library to.  i have a very eclectic musical taste.  shuffle would reveal pedro the lion, kendall payne, bob marley, cyndi lauper, chopin, petra, metalica (pre 2000), gershwin, la mafia, ladysmith black mambazo. 

anyway- back to the point.  i’ve already recommended this little device to several people.  Even my boss this morning got a recommendation from me on this toy.

and back to my two moral standards, no apple no google.  well..  iGoogle is now my homepage, my rss reader of choice, my calendar sync method, my ical generator, and even my preferred search engine.  i’ve sold out.  sorry.  i have to support my family somehow.  even if it means putting my morality on the line.