I thought i was being smart

Saturday we had this double date thing, so i got all ready, even put a load in the laundry, showered, got dressed, i walked out the door and as soon as the door shut i reazlied i didn’ t have my keys. my car keys and my house key is on the same ring. and my house door lock is the type that once you close it, it locks. so i was outside sitting on the steps waiting for them to come pick me up. See, i had a extra key box under my car for just such occurances, but when i went to grab the box, the box had broken and all that was left was the shell.. no lid, and no key.

Any which brings me to another point.. why would a physic palm reader need a doorbell?

5 thoughts on “I thought i was being smart”

  1. I the psychic is any good you should just be able to stand outside and think about ringing the bell….

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