I thought i was dying last night. Thursday and fr

I thought i was dying last night. Thursday and friday we were working in the big building pulling cable from the ceiling, fixing grid work, focuing lights, doing white ballances, etc. and i guess from all that looking up and into the lamps, my head started hurting. So i came home and i think i OD’d on headache medicine and i ended up throwing up. But i felt much better after that. Even went with Patti to Bennigins (sp). Today was work day at church. We took out everything from the equiptment room in the youth building, threw out a bunch of junk, re-wiered the stage, installed a new console, and made the house stereo instead of L+R. Marilda called, her mom had died this morning. She had told me earlier that her cancer had relapsed i guess about a month ago, maybe less, but this was really sudden. I guess it’s just hitting me now that her mom is actually gone. And her husband has been in the hosptial after that accident. No details on the viewing yet.