I was thinking.. for no particular reason, I can r

I was thinking.. for no particular reason, I can remember the day my mom was asking my sister and i where we would want to live after she died. I don’t know why that stuck out in my head. I wasn’t like.. devistiated that she was asking this. Of course, being the young navie brat that i was, i probably didn’t give much mind to it. Almost as a reflex, i said i wanted to live with my cousins, Isaac, Delma, homer, etc. I didn’t even have to think twice about it. I knew i loved my aunt and uncle. My cousins were cool too. I would have felt completley comfortable being there. As a second choice i think i chose my aunt Loni. I remember she used to teach our sunday school class. We were in an itsy bitsy white room with a short table that had been painted white too many times that you could flake off layers and layers of thick paint as well as a shelf nailed to the wall (also white) and a pencil sharpner fastend to the wall. Jessica was there, Isaac was there, Lee and myself, probably others too but i dont think many could have fit in that tiny room. I think i remember even asking once, something about God, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Who were these three guys and why do people call them the same person. I didn’t get it. I coudln’t see three people were only one person. I think Loni asked Pastor John Kirpatric to talk to me about it. So i got sent to his office (yeah, i was freaking out, what did i do?) so he talked to me.. and i remember destintivly that i had no idea what he was talking about but i liked him anyway. He was actaully really cool. I wonder what he’s doing now. Him and Mary. Mary used to play the organ. *sigh* ok.. i better get back to work.