I went and saw “The Fantastic Four” this weekend,

I went and saw “The Fantastic Four” this weekend, it wasn’t that bad…I read in the paper it was “cheesy”, but unless you are a Marvel fan, you won’t really appreciate it. Plus Jessica Alba looked great in it..(sigh) yes I LIKE HER! ha ha ha…I am going on vacation next week, Lisa has planned us a trip to “Freeport”…Freeport? why there? We are going to visit family up there for a BBQ..I will be driving 8 hours to go to a BBQ…gees….and its not just Lisa, myself and Ashlee, its us, ?PLUS all of her family…8 more people..great..it looks like I will a have a great vacation..you notice I say this sarcasticly….lol…anyway…at least I won’t worry about work for a week…I am only turning on my phone during short periods so no one will bother me….finally some relaxing time…..