2 years ago today, a freak hail storm went through our neighborhood and interrupted our peaceful lives. Patti, Hannah and I were at Wing Stop having dinner after leaving church. Weather was forecasting a storm but it wasn’t raining yet. As we were waiting for our meal the rain started, and the lighting, and the wind, and the thunder and then the hail. The storm itself didn’t last but a few moments but it seamed like an eternity. The rest of the kids were at the house and no calls were going through our cell phones. I decided to drive through that mess and try and get home. As i stepped outside my feet landed in a deep puddle of ice water. Traffic barley moved mostly because the roads were not visible. standing water, ice and steam from the water vapor made visibility nearly zero. Not to mention all of the debris on the road. Trees, traffic signals, street signs. It looked like a war zone. The vapor from the ice caused a eerie haze to peer it’s way through the headlights. It was like a scene from an armagaton movie. I finally got home. Everyone was safe and accounted for. The house took a beating. Every north facing window had to be replaced. The north part of the car port was ripped to shreds, the north side of the shed was shredded, the roof needed to be replaced, and every leaf on the trees were now on the ground. For McAllen, the storm was epic. Given the magnitude, the community is fortunate to have escaped with no serious injuries and no fatalities.  In all, 217 persons were rescued from being trapped in hail and wind damaged homes and flood waters, more than 1,000 homes and businesses were damaged, and more than 25,000 customers were without power during the peak of the storm.  According to the Insurance Council of Texas and verified by the Property Claims Service of the Insurance Services Office, insured damages tallied $260 million; total damage, including uninsured property, is likely tens of millions of dollars more. In all, 2,800 homeowners’ claims and 3,000 auto claims had been made by the end of 2012. The storm ranked 21st costliest in Texas since 1950 (in 2012 dollars).


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