icing on the cake

As if yesterday wasn’t horrible enough…

still trying to find the cause of that stray relay. DAR (Daily Activity Report) isn’t showing any indication that the system is causing these relays. The Viewer is however showing something specious but not obvious. knowing that it would be another late night at the radio station i skipped out on dinner with the leal’s hoping i could spend the even (or dinner at least) with my wife before errands took over. Hannah had to get picked up at a football game but Murphy’s took over and like gravity, you have to obey murphy’s law. left to the station without dinner, around 10 decided i was hungry only to find my wallet was missing. if it’s not 1 thing it’s ten other right? ended up having to reboot every computer in the music system network. Rebooting a normal computer isn’t much effort. rebooting a computer completely automating a radio station is a bit different. Have to transfer the music and commercial log off the main computer into another computer that’s wired into the air-chain switching unit. then have the backup computer resume the music hopefully at the exact same spot the main computer is playing at. switch audio source, then begin the reboot process. And while i was rebooting, might as well apply the MS updates. wait for the systems to resume, swap the log played back on the main system and try and rejoin back at the exact same spot the other computer left off at. yeah, multiple that by 5 stations and it can get tedious.
my window of opportunity was short lived too. the problem i am trying to fix only exist between 5am and 11pm. wasn’t much point working past that. by the time the drive home came i didn’t even feel like playing anymore. just give me my blanket and let me hide from the world. hopefully the sun wont’ come to soon.

had to be back at the station early to kick off some meetings going on all week for the insurance benefits changes for next year. on top of all that my phone wasn’t charged, and i still can’t find my wallet. the meeting was boring. an hour and a half of FSA, HDSA, HA FEMA, etc etc.. was just too much for me. i guess i do need to sit down and figure out how much i’ve spent in health care this past year. Actually i don’t think i had a single health claim last year. i did use my dental insurance several times. And i had all this stuff piling up on my desk of things needing to get done. traffic order in ccas, scanning for ascap reporting, arbitron numbers not working on the OM’s computer, weird msi errors on one of the sales reps computer, sandy’s new laptop, auto cad needing to be reloaded on my laptop, (havign to reburn the iso’s for autocad) print out some color reg. boxes, meeting with the gm about ccomr, johnny o had some stuff he needed posted on wild’s website, yeah.. i think that was it so far. oh. .and then one of the ladies here brings me her pc from home to take a look at. which i don’t mind. it gives me something to do when i need a mind break. but this computer.. argh. you’ve heard me talk about people needing licences to user a pc. yeah.. this is one of those. upon starting up the desktop bg has been taken over by a messaing saying the computer is infected, click here to download the program taht will fix it.. and a pop up looking like the vista approval box saying something similar (on an xp box) the system continually tries to get on the internet, what ever is kicking it off is in the task manager, but it has also disabled access to the task manager so it can’t be killed by normal processes. (a shotgun may help) the add/remove programs has things like “targetsaver” “web buying” winpop, etc, etc. and they wonder why there computer is running slow. and what urks me the most is that i’ll go through this effort to clean it up .. only to see it again in a month in the same condition.

the past few days have been rough. i just have not been feeling my normal chipper self. it all started the other day. patti was cleaning the closet still unpacking and found her old 8mm video camera. i got some rca’s and wired it up to her tv. they’ve been spending the last few days watching old home movies. i guess what’s got me upset about all this.. and upset isn’t even the right feeling… what’s got me… down? almost depressed? is that these are memories of there lives that are obviously great memories.. but memories that i totally missed out on. I wasn’t around for them when megan was working on her GT project, or when tori did her video of the capital.

and i don’t have any memories like this from when i was there age. i have a batch of polorids from bryan.. a box of 35mm film in storage somewhere (and even those are before i was born) you can go through my photo gallery and most all of that is stuff within this decade. It’s like my life before age 19 didn’t even exist. the only memory of it is that of what’s left in my head. and those memories are even fading. i woke up the other night in a near panic because i had forgotten the color of my mom’s eyes.

if this relay thing doesn’t work today i will have to come back to work tonight. tomorrow after work going to try and redo lunch at the leals, then i have practice at church, then the finleys that evening, then back at church to try and finish off these autocad labels. friday i have to load up for the outreach, and then get to the outreach that evening till who knows when. tori has a game but probably going to miss that one too. she’s doing this awesome solo and so far only have gotten to see her preform it at one game on the visitors side. Saturday angelfood in the morning, the afternoon is the STARS event so i’m going to have to get that broadcast up and going for the afternoon show and tori is marching again. sunday is the NOW so as soon as service is over in the AM i’m going to reprogram the dmx console as well as the softpatches in the recording decks. at this rate i’m not going to see my wife until that evening during the now itself. i was so tired last night i walked in the door and fell straight asleep. surprised i even made it in the bed. the night before wasn’t much different.

this relay stinks.