i’m a creature of habbit.

I have my favorites from my usual restraunts. For example,
Chilis : Chicken Chrispers
Taco Bell : #1, Big Beef Burrito Supreme Combo
The Blue Onion : Gyro with black beans and q-cumbers
Whataburger : Whataburger Jr.
Micky D’s : two cheeseburgers
Dairy Queen : Frito Burger
Jack in the box : Sourdough Jack
am i forgetting any.. i think so. but anyway. I was at dairy queen and the lady said they quit making them. Argh! How dare they. So i left.
On the way home i was listening to NPR, they were playing music and just as i was about to pull in to the station back from lunch one of my favorite pieces, it was The Moldau by Smetana. I hadn’t heard it in a while so i went to work the long way. Mind you.. the song is about 14 minutes long. Oh well, it’s a good song.