i’m alive

exhausted but alive.

10 years from now, when i look back at this thing, what do i want myself to know about what’s going on in my life now?

well, it’s costing over $40 to fill up my car with gas.  near 4 dollars a gallon of gas is compared to the near 4 dollar a gallon of milk.  a quarter of all corn goes to make ethanol now.  so is ethanol cheeper than gas?  nope.  and is that why food cost so much, because there is less corn?  and it cost more to ship it?  no and no.  the economy is on the rocks, the value of the dollar keeps slipping.   Inflation i guess you could call it.  1 dollar only gets you .65 euros right now.  a year ago it was .74.  five years ago was .95

as we as a nation get futher in dept, our dollar is worth less.  so it’s all a part of the circle of debt i guess.  how are we going to get out of this?  give up the dollar and start bartering?  go back to a gold backed dollar?  convert to euros?  become canuks?  and how is it affecting me?  well.. i’m not driving any less.  I still commute to work every day.  at what point to i begin looking for somewhere closer to work?  My 401k has lost value, ytd i have a rate of return of -5.3%

So enough of the gloom, i don’t want that to be all that i remember about this day 10 years from now. 

I’ve been working on a few projects here at work.  One has been fun so far.  Ever notice when the guys on the radio are doing a remote and they sound like they are calling from a cell phone?  well.. it’s usually because they are.  Well those days are soon to be over.  Cell phones have very limited vocal bandwidth.  about 10kHz.  So using a special encoder, we are able to take normal audio and convert it to a "streaming" type of audio that can be transported via ip.  ok that is great and all assuming you have IP at both locations.  Well.. with the EVDO wireless network we can. 

The hardest part of all of this is going to be trying to show a jock how to estlablish an IP connection via EVDO, and then dialing an IP address to get back to the studio via that mobile internet line.