i’m back

ok. i’m back amoung the living today. Sorry it’s been such a hectic week. i’ve been under alot of strain trying to get these 4 new stations on the air asap, in addition to the deadlines for hotkiss and oldies, and the CE not knowing how any of the new stuff works but trying to watch over my shoulder through the entire process. I find myself hiding in the bathroom just to get away from him. And then we’ve been working with the “glory and the fire” ever since thursday night. They left last night. I have to admit.. it was bitter sweat. We got to met Jason who was really cool. We got to spend dinner with him every night. It really makes you learn to appericate alot of things. Family, home, having someplace to be at christmas rather than on the road, living out of motels. So anyway. Tonight we are going to put the stage back together, i need to call mackie with the recipts so we can get our old board serviced.. i need to get an rma from cannon, and i need to go christmas shopping. *sigh*