i’m such a sap for weddings, i’m not sure. When L

i’m such a sap for weddings, i’m not sure. When Laura and Todd got married they had there cermony outside. That was kind of neat. Mostly because it was one of those really fancy weddings. Another favorite was when my cousin Felix got married. He had it in this victorian house (i love victorian houses) It was in the living room which wasn’t that big at all. Just a small private cermony for the family. Now that i think of it though, both of those couples are divorced. hum… David and Olya’s wedding, was um.. different. Fred lead the service. Enough said. But the cool thing was after the cermony we had a concert. I think Glu preformed. But off the top of my head, the most recent coolest wedding so far has got to be Homer and Esmer’s wedding. It was just really nice. You really felt like you were in a fairytell wedding. I bet Melissa and Carlos’ was nice too but i didnt’ got to that one. If i can find the tape i’ll put a piece of the video on here for you guys to see.