Immigration Bill and Senator DeMint

Glenn Beck started the day discussing the immigration bill with a Senator that seems to actually make sense on it – Senator DeMint from South Carolina. (Read the transcript).

Here’s what the Senator said that led to the interview:

“There is a better way forward that ends the status quo of amnesty and empty security promises. The President can enforce the laws we have already passed to strengthen the border and workplace enforcement. Once Americans regain trust in their government and believe we really have the will to solve this problem, we can begin to look at the other pieces of the puzzle. It’s time to stop holding national security hostage for amnesty. We need to address first things first.”

Don’t forget to call your Senator and let them know how you feel about the Immigration Bill. The Capitol Switchboard number is: (202) 224-3121, call and ask to speak with your representative.

Also, a commercial message from apparently a new Amnesty group that you won’t want to miss. Free Audio: listen here.