After talking with the wife we are pretty much in agreement that i’m not spending enough time at home. I mean, look at this week.

Sunday morning, church. after that uploaded the services, began preparing the radio show, setup the family life building for the evening service, left church for a while to go to Marc’s leadership meeting and lunch. a good break, but then after that back to church to repair the DVD which apparently recorded the entire worship service without any audio. (and no one in the control room bothered to tell me that they couldn’t hear anything until the announcements began) so had to rip the dvd, add the audio from the cd, then burn back to dvd. finally got home around 8

Monday went to work until 6, went back to church worked on the new church website for a while. then at 7 had a staff meeting which didn’t get me home until after 9:30

yesterday work till 6, then got to have dinner with some friends, then back to church at 7 for the mandated prayer meeting. again not getting home until 9.

tonight, Wednesday, it’s going to be church again wont be home before 9

Thursday practice for the adults.. home after 9

Friday leaving for spi, not home at all

Saturday leaving my wife at the island early to come back to run sound for Elaine holler.

Sunday church, upload, edit, radio etc. etc etc.

so then you could argue well.. this was a wired week.. ok let’s look at last

Sunday (see above)

Monday pastor rented out the building to edinburg isd, so i was babysitting them getting the extremely early in the morning.

Tuesday reset the church from the previous day’s festivities

Wednesday church again along with straight way

Thursday practice with the youth

Friday pastor rented out the building to buckner, again up very early.

Saturday angel food, errands, birthday party

Sunday , church elaine hollar in the evening, etc etc…

and the following week.. elaine, elaine, elaine and elaine.  joe’s giving us thursday night off but i’ll probaly use that to reset from elaine.

so something’s got to give. not going to make any decisions right away but the fact is i need to be spending more time at home. patti had a good point, how can we expect the kids to grow to appreciate their family when i’m not even home for them to appreciate. can we afford to be without the church job? God’s going to have to provide. so this month i’m going to just have the church apply this month’s compensation back to our tithes see how it affects our budget. if things are still good next month then we can take another step. but one step at a time.

2 thoughts on “impasse”

  1. I can certainly understand how all this is affecting you. I look at Tara’s life and its pretty much a mirror of yours. Somethings gotta give and though it may hurt at first (or not at all) youve gotta make the choice thats right for you. Were prayin for ya.

  2. Um yeah…that’s like my life. Wow…hmmm… I’m at an impasse as well. Leaving where I’m at would hurt a whole lot because I’ve grown to really love some people. But at this point, where does the work end and real life begin? I’m with you John

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