in with the new

still trying to get the old out.

Equipment keeps coming in.  So far all the clear-com in is, cabling wire connectors and communications equipment.  The JVC cameras should be here by the end of the week.  I’ve been working on the pre-production but when the cameras get in we can start shooting.  Need intro’s, outro’s, promotional clips, some stock footage and not to mention all the CG work that I should be doing now.  I’ll need to pick up some SDHC cards for the cameras.  One of the cool things about the new cameras is you don’t need expensive tape to capture on.  Everything can be stored on SD cards.  They have to be slightly higher quality than your point and shoot camera type, but still much cheaper than tape.  The sales rep will be delivering most of the equipment himself to save us on shipping charges.  he’s expecting to be in town on or about the 22nd.  Which means that I’ll be disappearing from the face of the earth shortly after that.  I may need some reminders about eating, sleeping, and other basic requirements of life.  Once I get myself involved in a project, I want to see it though to the end.  I’ve been trying to do as much pre-planning as I can so that the actual install goes smoothly but things always creep up.  I’m going to be counting on help from a lot of people to get this done.  The contractors have already been by to survey the new studio area.  Once we can confirm on a price that construction will begin quickly.  We also need to install the cabling conduit and hub.  This will require the scissor lift but I’ll also need to use the lift for installing the new cameras as well as pulling all the old cabling out.

Fun times are ahead!

Current Schedule

Sunday Feb 19 – Analog Abatement (final analog Sunday)

Remove all equipment from old media office

Remove analog equipment from balcony

Pull RGBHV from booth to Hub

Wednesday Feb 22 – Final Shipment to arrive

Thursday Feb 23 – Begin installation.  Need to rent scissor lift.