Time Warner Cable Survey

while i’m on the subject about service that stinks.. take this survey.  Apprently cities want to know how TWC-RGV is providing service. http://www.questionpro.com/akira/TakeSurvey?id=994184 perhaps getting feedback on deregulating local catv service?  Adding a competitor such as comcast would be a dream come true.

Viacom vs DirecTV, AMC vs DISH, etc etc

Where does it all end Viacom (Comedy Central, MTV, Nicelodeon,etc) and DirectTV are fighting over which Viacom channels DirectTV will carry.  DirectTV blocked all of Viacom’s channels and in response Viacome removed the Dailiy Show and free episodes of Jersey Shore off the internet, which they were supposing DirectTV’s customers were using to watch the … Continue reading Viacom vs DirecTV, AMC vs DISH, etc etc

so tired…

it’s been such a stressful week.  I’m so tried of being away from home.  of having to sacrifice my wife’s birthday to be at church.  Last night was the first performance.  I found myself a niche by adding some dynamics to their visual show.  getting to watch the show from their sound booth has given … Continue reading so tired…

EAS Reciever

I often wonder about who is at the other end of our EAS recievers at the radio station.   Down here in south texas the i typically see Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Hurricane Warnings, but i never give much thought to the guys putting this stuff out on our ticker-tape.  This guy is one of those … Continue reading EAS Reciever


  Well.. this morning they were going to deliver the trailer for our show from the RGV Livestock Show in mercedes.  I thought, great.  i can go deliver my equiptment and make sure everything is working right.  I get there around 10 with some of the promotions people.  the trailer didn’t show up until 11.  … Continue reading Stockshow

finally fixed

Time warner came by today.  I had been having trouble with some channels.. especially 682.  The guy came out here and found my cable at the pole to be really loose and alot of interference in the lowerer bands.  He quickly got on the phone to chew out who ever was here prior who installed … Continue reading finally fixed