Interesting week thus far

I had been trying to get Paula to call me back all weekend.  I wanted to share with her the news that it was finally official.  We had been talking about it off and on for a while but without having anything official, we really couldn’t move forward with plans.  And i think she was even feeling discouraged because up to that point, it was just all talk.  well we got the date cleared with pastor, got the date reserved with the caterer, started picking out invitations, and the program is in the works.  it’s like a big layout of dominos.  once you push that first die over, it’s on it’s own after that. 

last night was tori’s christmas concert.  in her words it was lame, but i really enjoyed the symphonic and wind bands.  concert band was.. well.. ok.  tonight is going to be hannah’s concert.  wed is church, thursday is pratice and lonestar with josh gracin, friday is patti’s office party, saturday is a school thing at hannah’s school, and then a puppet thing, sunday church, and christmas variety show, monday staff dinner.  oh and today is shannon imholf’s birthday.�