Interview on NPR

Got up early this morning to head to the station at 7am. being a holiday it was deserted but NPR called me on friday needing to rent a studio. I though, hum.. i like listening to NPR, sure i’ll do it.

The Republican National Convention kicks off in St. Paul today with the GOP poised to take back momentum gained by democrats at their national convention last week. Author Reihan Salam, of the Atlantic, is joined by Laura Elizabeth Morales, of the Young Conservatives of Texas, discuss emerging conservatives and what John McCain can do to persuade voters with his message.


In the midst of all the stuff goinig on with the DNC, it’s so nice to hear something new and refreshing for a change.  I typically spend my morning drive to work listening to NPR but the local statation here airs “Morning Edition” I like NPR half because it’s a relife from the music i have to listen to every day, and half because it’s not just entertainment, it’s informative without the spin of the local newstalk station of which cluster name shall rename nameless.