invitations are out

Patti addressed the envelopes this past week and they should be in the mail today.  Hopefully we got all the addresses right.  I don’t think any of them came back from the save the date cards so I figure everything’s cool. 

Included in the invitations are the registry information.   We are registered at:


Bed Bath & Beyond

Home Depot

Also included is Hotel Information.  If your coming from out of town, you can stay at the Best Western in Edinburg.   Be sure and ask for Lupita and mention your coming for the Kohrt-Munoz wedding. 

Let’s see.. what else is in there.  Oh yes, the most important.  The RSVP Card.   We met with the caterer Saturday and picked out the meal.  You guys are going to enjoy it.  We tried several different ones and they were all good, but this one that we picked was really good.  So if you want to be sure and get to enjoy this meal, please RSVP.  Also the dinner is BEFORE the actuall ceremony.  So even if your not planning on eating, you’ll want somewhere to sit.  Everyone who RSVP’s will be given preferred seating.  Stragglers may be left in the nose-bleed section.  You can also RSVP by email.  The address to send your email to is included on the RSVP Card.