is busy normal now?

for the past two weeks, the chief engineer has been out sick.  Between athasma, emphenzema, phenemonia and now possibly TB, he’s been out for a while.  Last i heard he was in the hospital but he may be out now.  i haven’t heard.  This past weekend was melba’s febuary recital.  Those always make for a long weekend.  friday pratice, saturday pratice and sunday performance. The show’s are usually good, i’m just ready to get to reset.  and at church we’ve been working on mounting the cma in the chapel.  Jimmy and Guy and i worked on that last week.. and going to try again tonight.  Tommrow i’m making dinner for patti but don’t tell her.  it’s a suprise.  wednesday i’m on the board, thursday we have pratice, friday we’re taking tori out for her birthday.  saturday morning going to the ranch, and is this the same weekend we’re doing jimmy’s garrage?  saturday we helped clean his back yard, threw out a bunch of trees.  and yesterday was megan’s 18th birthday, this comming weekend is Tori’s birthday.  Just a normal week