is this week over yet?

monday was like any other monday

tuesday i decided i was going to update the system documentation.  I keep a set of documents detailing all the network operations of this place.  what goes where, what it does.  routine task, backup procedures, who to call, just a saftey list for whoever has to fill in for me if i was out or something.

While i’m check out one of our main severs, i notice it has about 12 windows updates wanting to be installed.  ok fine, waited for the load to lighten during lunch and let the system restart itself.  got the alert that it was offline, waited, waited, waitied.. never got the “back online message” went back to the rack room and looked at the server, this server is a 6 disk RAID5 system.  One disk has failed back in october of 08 so i was already expecting to see 1 disk with a failure light on it.  but i wasn’t expecting to see 2 additional disk with failiure lights on them.  Back when the first disk failed, i told them.. well it will continue to run BUT.. i probably can’t handle another failure.  that could be catrostrophic.  Money was tight and they decided not to replace.  Ok fine, i started routine backups of that machine to another storage server. well.. a drive on THAT server started failing..  ok.. so i had one good backup on their but coudln’t risk losing  two servers in the same week so i stoped there. 

So back to tuesday, sure enough, the logicial drive was gone. 

Wed. i was able to get everyone  back on the other serve with data from nov of 08 but that’s the best i could do.  spent the entire  day listening to everyone complain about how much they lost.  i was now given the authorization to buy the replacement drives.  by the end of the day i felt like i had been ran over by a steamroller.  just want to go home

Thursday, heading to work, at the intersection waiting for the  light to turn, see one of those black mcallen “stealth” police cars pass me and then turn around behind me and turn on it’s lights.  so i turn at the light and pull over.  the lady walks up and my first response was “i’m pretty sure i wasn’t  speeding”  hand  her my licence and insurance, they ask me out of the car and radio in my info.  i’m chatting with her partner and being pleasant about the whole thing.  hey.. maybe if i’m not rude or ugly i’ll get off easy.  they both listen on the radio as my info comes back.. then they both change demeanor and start asking a whole bunch of other questions.  where were you born, what’s your social, do you have any tatoos?  is that knife on your belt.. I’m starting to get kind of worried but trying to still be cheerful.  the guy ask if i’ve ever been in the chicago area.  darn, i think to myself… i did get pulled over once at cornerstone, a few hours from chicago but that was forever ago and i thought it’d be off my record by now.  so i said yes.. and the guy reaches for his handcuffs.  ok.. cheerfullness gone, maybe i should cry.. that works for girls right?  anyway.. the short of it was they were looking for some guy who had a warrant for something bad in chiacgo who’s name or something matched mine.  she gave me a thermal print  out of a “ticket” with the only violation of expired registration.  didn’t get me for the expired inspection right beneath the registration or broken sidemirror.  so i drive right on over to the municipal court and hand the lady my thermal printout.  again very pleasent.  she told me if i get the sticker she can drop the charge from 75 to 20.  cool!  so i head to the tax place and  get in line, only to realize that i didn’t have the tax stub-reciept thing they send in the  mail, so i head back home to find it and i get a call from the office that  the internet is  downout there.  wierd.. ok   i  call san antonio  and they confirmed  it.  we already had  our 2nd  fiber outage for the year so that can’t be it.  i called my test number just to be sure.  yup.. it was out.

so i head to work and tried to get  everyone on to the backup system.  after another VERY long day finally got that up around 5. 

i’m ready for a vacation.