it all started this morning

i got woken up at 7am, something seriously was wrong with ktex. i wasn’t planning on being up untill 9 to meat marshall at 9:30 but ohwell.. i can make it back in time i thought. So i got there.. ended up being a problem between the TCP connections of the music server and the audio server. ok.. problem solved. so i get here.. pick him up have a big breakfast at dennys and we start working on videos. vist the church office… everyone got there annual christmas cards at the office. everyone but me. Not that was counting on it.. but that kinda hurt. so about 1 we get hungry and head to chili’s. joe calls that he’s at church to pick up the sound board that we want to ship to hermes to get repaired. we loaded it up yesterday but… i forgot to pack the powersupply and cable. so we rush back to meat him and remove that stuff. he headed for hermes. we send marshall off. then we focus our attention to megan’s video project. worked out those details when patti lets me know that g&f who have been praticing all day have lost all there power. So i head to the breaker room and jason is already there.. sure enough the 100A breaker is tripped.. but it wont reset. i shut down the transformer.. same results. when you try and reset it it just goes bac to a tripped status. all i can figure is let it cool down. i call frank rendon but his phone goes straight to voicemail. so we let it cool off and it finally comes back on but we wil probably need to replace that.. from bush supply maybe. and a good chunk of change. but everything is closed until monday. first show is sunday night. then joe calls.. herpes won’t recive the board because it’s a saturday and the repair dept is closed.
you know.. there service sucks to begin with… we’ve had this board into them how many times now?
so then ok fine.. note to self.. write a letter to makie telling them that their service dept at herpes sucks.
so then we go on location to film megans thing and the servo drive on the VTR isn’t working. we’re losing sunlight.. the band has to be at a gig in an hour.. so the girls just decide to give up on the project. ok fine.. so i’m sitting here.. 30 min from the time of the party and i’m really not in a party mood. oh well. what else can go wrong today.