Happy Birthday Aaron!  Have a great day!

I would have left this on your website, but I can’t figure out how… some things just remain a mystery to me.

Love You!



3 thoughts on “ITS AARON’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. 24. Like the TV show, only a whole lot lamer.

    Thanks guys.

    As for leaving comments on my blog, you have to be a registered user…or sign the guestbook…but whatever. I figured you might remember and since you did this last year on here, I figured I’d check during my break period.

    If you two get a chance, give The Old Man (James K) a call. It’s his b-day too.

  2. Aaron: I’ll have to try signing in at home, maybe that will work. As for James, I already sent him an email too.

    John: His email address is if you want to drop him a note. He will most likely respond from his blackberry thingy.

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