it’s all fun and games till someone calls the FCC

ok.. so jay’s been watching this website from the fcc that displays the status of pending applications.  As soon as they approve this application, they can begin working on increasing the TRP (total radiated power)  of their signal.  Is a real exciting time for the station to get to be a high power contenders in the market.  So like a ritual, ever time he sat as his desk, he’d open up this link on his favorites to see “application filed” instead of the long awaited “approved”

so today, i got the idea to take that page, redesign it, same look and feel as athe real website, but change “application filed” to something else.  Putting “approved” would just be mean because, you know.. it would just be a let down.  so why not let him down now.. so i rewrote the page, this time it read “DISMISSED”  than changed the link in his favorites from the real page.. to the fake page.

just like clock work, he went and sat at his desk, people are talking to him and stuff.. and then he said something like “it’s changed!” but then he got real quiet…

then he went to tim…

the conversation went something like

TIM: “you know john’s messing with you right?”

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