It’s been a busy week….

Sorry its been so long since I wrote something, but its been kinda busy..let see..first when I went to pay the rent, the landlord said that he wanted to thank us for being great tenants, and wanted to give us new carpet in our bedrooms, so Thursday we moved ALL our furniture out and got the new carpet, then moved everything back, boy was I sore that day…I think he really wanted to give us carpet because he was afraid we were gonna get mold when the AC unit flooded Ashlee’s closet..its cool though..They STILL haven’t fixed the Scott Studios yet, so I have to schedule people 24-7..including myself doing a split shift (6am-10am then 7pm-12mid) ..we asked and asked the engineers to fix it but they were taking there time…So Big Al went and told Larry because He was finally got tired of it, well Larry yelled at the engineers and so they said HOPEFULLY it will be fixed by Monday or Tuesday, but they have been saying stuff like that for two weeks now…I just can’t wait til Payday…maybe one of these days we can do lunch..I gotta see those highlights!!!

One thought on “It’s been a busy week….”

  1. I was suprised to see the racks of cd’s in the studio. You would think after all this time they would have fixed all that stuff by now.

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